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Start up! Take off! Enjoy! 

Take off

Three, two, one, go! With a few steps we take off from the starting point. It is important that you do not sit down too early, but run until you have no more ground under your feet.

Its even easier on skis. You get your starting command and simply ski down the ski slope until we take off together. Due to the seated position during the flight, the weight of the skis is not a problem, you sit in about the same way as on a chairlift.

wunderbare Ausblicke über Großarl


After you have made yourself comfortable in the harness, you can relax and feel an indescribable feeling of freedom. We glide silently over snow-covered slopes or flowering meadows and you can enjoy the fascinating mountain world   from a birds eye view. Of course you sit in the first row and of course you can also take the wheel. We can talk normally in the air because we are gliding  at about 35 km/h and the headwind  is therefore not very loud.  


Landing is very easy.  Put your feet up and just stay seated or on skis you just have to guide your skis parallel, straighten up and just stand. The landing is not a fall but a slide in and you gently feel the ground under your feet again. 

We take over the camera so that you can fully enjoy your first paragliding tandem flight. We record your impressions with the GoPro camera on a telescopic pole in high-resolution images and a short Full HD video clip , which you can take home with you on a memory card immediately after landing, or we can play it for you direktly on your mobile phone.

beim Landen einfach sitzen bleiben
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