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Live your dreams
of flying... 

Ready for an adventure in a class of its own?

Always dreamed of gliding weightlessly through the air in the heart of the Alps?

 Discover new perspectives, feel as free as a bird and forget everyday life for a while.

Everyone can fly!!!

Just a few steps are enough to take off and you already gliding through the air. Everyone from 6 to 99 years (20 to 130 kilos) can fly with us. You dont need any prior knowledge. Normal hiking or ski clothing is sufficient.

We fly daily from 8.30am to 5pm. Just call and fly!

Fly in one of the best
Flight areas in Austria!!!

Due to the height of our mountains (lift from 2250 to 2000m) close to the main ridge of the Alps,

we fly over the largest possible differences in altitude (up to 1400m)

  and thus the longest gliding flights in the whole of Salzburgerland. 

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