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Important information about your tandem flight

Licensed pilots

All of our tandem pilots hold the legally required passenger flight license.

Tested Equipment 

We only use current, sample-tested material. The condition of the paraglider is checked at regular intervals by independent inspection bodies (comparable to the TÜV for a car).

fear of heights

Years of experience have shown that tandem flying is generally not a problem for people who are afraid of heights, as there is no connection to the ground. We can recommend this beautiful experience to everyone without hesitation.


If you can run 10 meters at jogging pace on the level, you can also fly.

Note: In the event of health impairments, please clarify participation in a tandem flight with your doctor beforehand and inform us in good time.

Über den Wolken

Safe flight weather

We only fly when the weather is safe for flying. Pedestrian weather can differ significantly from good flight weather, so the decision to carry out the tandem flight is 100% up to your pilot. Note: Immediately before take-off, the pilot can cancel the flight for safety reasons if the weather changes rapidly, even if this is associated with circumstances for you. According to this principle, we have been flying accident-free for many years.

Your  pilot
Lois Grugger

You fly with a multiple national champion and world record holder in paragliding tandem flying and thus with one of the most experienced tandem pilots ever, who can already show more than 30 years of flying experience. Our tandem flight company has been around since 1993.

Startfoto vom Fulseck

Our flight area

Due to our ideal location, we have a wide range of options for arranging your paragliding tandem flight: whether quiet and comfortable, or action-packed with a good dose of adrenaline.

Due to the enormous difference in altitude from the take-off to the landing site (depending on the take-off site)

 ca. 1,200 to 1,400 meters there is already plenty of natural scope for long, extensive tandem flights through to cross-country flights with a paraglider into the Salzburg mountains.

weight range

We fly with people from 20 kg to a maximum of 130 kg.


There are no  limits when it comes to age. As a passenger, you should be of normal physical fitness. Children are also very welcome. The age of our passengers ranges from 5-95 years! However, passengers under the age of 16 need parental consent! 

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