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Order coupon

You have 3 options

1 instant voucher: If you are late, press the voucher yourself, it is not rated. 

2 Fill out the order form: You will receive the voucher with an invoice by post and transfer the money within 10 days of receipt.

3 Order via shop: direct payment by credit card and voucher with invoice will be sent by post.

Tandem flight instant voucher

You are late? With the instant voucher, you have the opportunity to print out your personal gift easily and conveniently at home and give it away temporarily.

This voucher is not rated. The flight is paid for directly on the day of the flight or the voucher can be ordered additionally. The voucher will then be sent by post with an invoice.

And by the way, we are mostly 2 tandem pilots, if you want you can enjoy a tandem flight with the recipient at the same time? All tandem flights are available as vouchers from us.

Gutschein zum selber ausdrucken
Fill out the order form and pay cash on delivery
Choose the flight

Thank you for the order.

The voucher will be sent to you.

voucher order in the shop,
and pay directly by card. 

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